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public static abstract @interface WalletConstants.CardNetwork implements Annotation

Credit card networks. Different APIs may support only a subset of these.

Available options:

When used with Google Pay, the following networks use EMV cryptograms instead of 3DS cryptograms as part of the payment credentials:

Constant Summary

int AMEX Deprecated.
int DISCOVER Deprecated.
int INTERAC Deprecated.
int JCB Deprecated.
int MASTERCARD Deprecated.
int OTHER Deprecated.
int VISA Deprecated.

Inherited Method Summary


public static final int AMEX

Deprecated. Use WalletConstants.CARD_NETWORK_AMEX instead.

Constant Value: 1

public static final int DISCOVER

Deprecated. Use WalletConstants.CARD_NETWORK_DISCOVER instead.

Constant Value: 2

public static final int INTERAC

Deprecated. Use WalletConstants.CARD_NETWORK_INTERAC instead.

Constant Value: 6

public static final int JCB

Deprecated. Use WalletConstants.CARD_NETWORK_JCB instead.

Constant Value: 3

public static final int MASTERCARD

Constant Value: 4

public static final int OTHER

Deprecated. Use WalletConstants.CARD_NETWORK_OTHER instead.

Constant Value: 1000

public static final int VISA

Deprecated. Use WalletConstants.CARD_NETWORK_VISA instead.

Constant Value: 5