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Contains classes for Google Mobile Ads.



MediaContent Provides media content information. 
MuteThisAdListener A listener that can be used to receive events when an ad is muted. 
MuteThisAdReason An object used to represent the Mute This Ad reason. 
OnAdInspectorClosedListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the ad inspector UI closes. 
OnPaidEventListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when an ad is estimated to have earned money. 
OnUserEarnedRewardListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the user earned a reward. 


AdapterResponseInfo Response information for an individual ad network in an ad response. 
AdError Error information about why an ad operation failed. 
AdInspectorError Error information about why the ad inspector failed. 
AdListener A listener for receiving notifications during the lifecycle of an ad. 
AdLoadCallback<AdT> Callback to be invoked when an ad finishes loading. 
AdLoader An object for requesting ads. 
AdLoader.Builder Builder for a AdLoader
AdRequest An AdRequest contains targeting information used to fetch an ad. 
AdRequest.Builder Builds an AdRequest
AdSize The size of a banner ad. 
AdValue The monetary value earned from an ad. 
AdView The View to display banner ads. 
BaseAdView The base ad View for displaying banner ads. 
FullScreenContentCallback Callback to be invoked when ads show and dismiss full screen content, such as a fullscreen ad experience or an in-app browser. 
LoadAdError Error information about why an ad load operation failed. 
MediationUtils Utility methods for mediation adapters. 
MobileAds Class contains logic that applies to the Google Mobile Ads SDK as a whole. 
RequestConfiguration Global configuration that will be used for every AdRequest
RequestConfiguration.Builder Builder for RequestConfiguration
ResponseInfo Information about an ad response. 
VersionInfo Version info for Google Mobile Ads SDK. 
VideoController An object that provides playback control for video ads. 
VideoController.VideoLifecycleCallbacks Callback for receiving updates on video ad lifecycle events. 
VideoOptions Options for controlling video playback in supported ad formats (e.g. 
VideoOptions.Builder Builder for VideoOptions


AdFormat Format of the ad being requested.