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public class StampStyle extends Object
implements Parcelable
Known Direct Subclasses

Describes the drawing style for a stamped image or texture over a StrokeStyle.

Inherited Constant Summary

Protected Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

The image or texture to be repeated over a stroke.

Inherited Method Summary

Protected Constructors

protected StampStyle (BitmapDescriptor stamp)

Public Methods

public BitmapDescriptor getStamp ()

The image or texture to be repeated over a stroke.

The rendered stamps will be the width of the line that was set for the StrokeStyle. The image will be oriented with the top of the image facing the start point, and the bottom of the image facing the end point. For example, if the underlying line has two points and the start point is directly above the endpoint, the stamp will appear in an upright orientation.

  • the bitmap image for this stamp style.