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Generate an image in which the value of each pixel is the area of that pixel in square meters. The returned image has a single band called "area."


No arguments.


Code Editor (JavaScript)

// Create a pixel area image. Pixel values are square meters based on
// a given CRS and scale (or CRS transform).
var pixelArea = ee.Image.pixelArea();

// The default projection is WGS84 with 1-degree scale.
print('Pixel area default projection', pixelArea.projection());

// When inspecting the output in the Code Editor map, the scale of analysis is
// determined by the zoom level. As you zoom in and out, you'll notice that the
// area of the clicked pixel changes. To set a specific pixel scale when
// performing a computation, provide an argument to the `scale` or
// `crsTransform` parameters whenever a function gives you the option.
Map.addLayer(pixelArea, null, 'Pixel area for inspection', false);

// The "area" band produced by the `pixelArea` function can be useful for
// calculating the area of a certain condition of another image. For example,
// here we use the sum reducer to determine the area above 2250m in the North
// Cascades ecoregion, according to a 30m digital elevation model.

// Import a DEM and subset the "elevation" band.
var elev = ee.Image('NASA/NASADEM_HGT/001').select('elevation');

// Define a high elevation mask where pixels with elevation greater than 2250m
// are set to 1, otherwise 0.
var highElevMask =;

// Apply the high elevation mask to the pixel area image.
var highElevArea = pixelArea.updateMask(highElevMask);

// Import an ecoregion feature collection and filter it by ecoregion name.
var ecoregion = ee.FeatureCollection('RESOLVE/ECOREGIONS/2017')
  .filter('ECO_NAME == "North Cascades conifer forests"');

// Display the ecoregion and high elevation area.
Map.setCenter(-121.127, 48.389, 7);
Map.addLayer(ecoregion, null, 'North Cascades ecoregion');
             {palette: 'yellow'}, 'High elevation area');

// Sum the area of high elevation pixels in the North Cascades ecoregion.
var area = highElevArea.reduceRegion({
  reducer: ee.Reducer.sum(),
  geometry: ecoregion,
  crs: elev.projection(),  // DEM coordinate reference system
  crsTransform: elev.projection().getInfo().transform,  // DEM grid alignment
  maxPixels: 1e8

// Fetch the summed area property from the resulting dictionary and convert
// square meters to square kilometers.
var squareMeters = area.getNumber('area');
var squareKilometers = squareMeters.divide(1e6);

print('Square meters above 2250m elevation', squareMeters);
print('Square kilometers above 2250m elevation', squareKilometers);