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public final class PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters extends Object
implements Parcelable

Tokenization parameters that the integrator passes to tokenize the credit card that the user selects.

In order to configure gateway tokenization, set the tokenization type to WalletConstants.PAYMENT_METHOD_TOKENIZATION_TYPE_PAYMENT_GATEWAY and pass gateway specific parameters as key/value pairs by calling PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters.Builder.addParameter(String, String). When using gateway tokenization, the parameters must include a parameter with name "gateway" and value set to one of the supported gateways.

Note: parameters will be validated and error code WalletConstants.ERROR_CODE_INVALID_PARAMETERS will be returned if they happen to be invalid e.g. missing required parameter for a gateway or unexpected parameter is used.

An example of a tokenization configuration:

 PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters parameters = PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters.newBuilder()
     .addParameter("gateway", "example")
     .addParameter("gatewayMerchantId", "exampleGatewayMerchantId")

Nested Class Summary

class PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters.Builder Builder to create a PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters

Inherited Constant Summary

Field Summary

public static final Creator<PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters> CREATOR

Public Method Summary

Payment method tokenization parameters.
Payment method tokenization type.
static PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters.Builder
writeToParcel(Parcel out, int flags)

Inherited Method Summary


public static final Creator<PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters> CREATOR

Public Methods

public Bundle getParameters ()

Payment method tokenization parameters.

  • payment method tokenization parameters

public int getPaymentMethodTokenizationType ()

Payment method tokenization type. See WalletConstants.PaymentMethodTokenizationType for a list of supported tokenization types.

  • payment method tokenization type

public void writeToParcel (Parcel out, int flags)