Join us at Search Central Live 2021

Thursday, February 18, 2021

On February 24 JST, we will host our first installment of our new event series called Search Central Live.

This will be the first of a series of events, bringing Google Search and our amazing community together online. As with all online events, we had to consider which timezone to pick. For this event, we chose a timezone to suit parts of the Asia-Pacific region, and the content will be available on our YouTube channel afterwards. The event registration is open now for everyone and the event is available without payment.

Introducing Search Central Live

Since our move under the new Google Search Central umbrella, we've been working on creating a new series of virtual events to explore different ways to gather and interact online.

Search Central Live is an experiment to try out a livestream format rather than a pre-recorded set of talks. We encourage you to join the event live on YouTube and interact with the speakers through the chat in real time. We hope to create an interesting dialogue between the community and the speakers this way.

We are also piloting how we can host community speakers as part of the event, in order to foster the dialog between Google Search and the broader community of SEOs, developers, and website owners.

What to expect from Search Central Live?

This event is a pilot to see how we can use virtual live events to build an interactive experience as well as foster a dialogue with the community as part of our virtual events. It will be a livestream that you can access through the event website. After the event, the content will be available on-demand on our YouTube channel in English with captions. The event is available without payment, the registration is open to everyone, and there is no limit to the number of participants. The first event on February 24, 2021 JST is going to be centered around Japan, and future events will accommodate other timezones.

This Search Central Live event will consist of three sessions:

  1. A fireside chat with Cherry Prommawin, Danny Sullivan, Ashley Berman Hale, and Martin Splitt
  2. A live technical SEO case study with Kristina Azarenko and Martin Splitt
  3. A live session of Search Off The Record with Gary Illyes, John Mueller, and Martin Splitt

You can find the agenda on the event website as well. Register now and join us at the first Search Central Live event.

We're excited to see you all at the event, and look forward to the chat and the sessions! Let us know your thoughts, questions, and excitement on our Twitter profile.