One year of monitored European Webmaster Help Groups

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A year ago Google Guides from the Search Quality Team started monitoring Google Webmaster Help Groups in European languages. It has been an interesting time and a great, rewarding experience for all those involved :o). We have enjoyed building and growing our communities with webmasters across Europe and we hope you have as well. The feedback we have been receiving since the beginning has been encouraging, with many webmasters responding positively to the opportunity to be able to solve their indexing issues in their native language. Still, we are aware that we have a lot of work ahead of us. I would like to thank everyone who has been active in our communities and invite those who have not joined yet to do so. Sign up, participate and help us make a difference.

Taking advantage of this anniversary, I would like the European Google Guides to have a chance to say a few words about their communities.

Polish Webmaster Help Group

Guglarz, the Polish Google Guide

Our group grew very fast, especially in the last few months and we are well on the way to hitting 600 users! But what I appreciate even more than our group's success, is the open, friendly spirit we have been cultivating in the last twelve months :o). I feel like this is a community that is able to help with indexing issues and beyond!

I already pointed out some exceptional community members in the last blog post about communication with webmasters in a dozen languages. Since then, a few more have joined the list of tremendously committed, group-driving contributors. Bigu has been jumping in every time I've been traveling or very busy, which is the reason why I'd like to thank him a lot.

Also I want to acknowledge Maciej Gluszek for escalating language issues we used to struggle with. You guys help to improve the Google experience for everyone.

Lastly, I want to invite all group members to the chit chat section in order to introduce yourself and share some more information about who you are and what you do. I am really curious to find out more about the people I work with! I hope to see you in the group soon :o).

Группа помощи Google для веб-мастеров

Oxana, Tilek, Vitali, Mariya

Our Russian Webmaster Help group is growing by the day and just reached an important milestone —a whole kilobyte of members: 1024 (-:! Thanks to all our users for the great questions, the wisdom, and the humour which they bring to our community. Special thanks go to Web-Master, Crazy LionHeart, Andrey Morozov and Lmd for their spot-on comments and prolific posts—we really appreciate your dedication in helping others. We're very happy to be part of such a savvy and lively community, we look forward to more interesting questions and discussions in the future, and to reaching one megabyte of members (-:! С днем рождения!

Google Webmester Súgó Csoport

Tibor, János

Although the Hungarian Webmaster Help Group is one of our youngest, it already counts 300+ members, and has a pretty high number of lively discussions. The atmosphere is really great and loads of issues are resolved thanks largely to our dedicated and wise users. I would especially like to thank snomag for helping greatly in building the group up in the beginning (where have you disappeared to? We miss you! :)

Google Site Yöneticisi Yardım Grubu


The Turkish Webmaster Help Group has grown into a dynamic and effective community of fantastic webmasters in just four months. I want to thank to everyone in the group who has been eager to share their knowledge to help others. Special thanks to Erkan (man_blood) who has written a huge amount of posts in the last three months; Merve who has helped the group with her technical skills as well as calm spirit, especially when I was on vacation; Salih (SesVer) who used to help a lot when the group was first launched; and many more who are not mentioned by name here. It has been exciting and a pleasure to be a part of this rapidly growing family! Desteğiniz için teşekkürler :-)

קבוצת העזרה למנהלי ומנהלות אתרים

Alon, your Google Guide

Our Hebrew group is maturing. To date we have more than 200 users and we are gaining visibility while more users are using the well-informed discussions we produce.

It is a pleasure to see so many webmasters stopping by to ask, learn and help others. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who make the group a place for discussion and collaboration. My special thanks go to Shoshanna, AliaG, Tomer and Seosos, for their great contribution.

By browsing through the "tell us about yourself" thread you can learn more about our community where many members introduce themselves. You're also welcome to watch my short video giving some specific tips for Israeli Webmasters.

Google diskussionsgruppe for webmasters

GoogleGuide (Jonas)

The Danish group has been slowly gaining more subscribers since its launch last year, and we still hope to attract more people. We've grown almost 100% in the past year, and we hope to keep up the steam! (: This growth wouldn't have been possible without the help of Anders who contributes equal amounts of webmaster goodness in the form of sharing his tips on 301's and moving content to a new domain (which has been the hottest and most debated topic in the group), to issues on getting your site better indexed and crawled. So a big thanks to Anders, and all the others who have made this group useful for everybody.

Ajuda a Webmasters do Google


The Portuguese Webmaster Help Group is now above 1200 members. The success of the group is a reflection on the great community built by every single contributor. Special thanks to Carlos Lavieri, Rodrigo Soares, Leandro Leite e João Carlos (Orquiza) who used to help so much and recently Flávio Raimundo (M&S) and Ruben Zevallos Jr.

Recently I had the chance of giving a few public interviews to Portuguese speaking webmasters and recognizing the group and its success publicly. I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank my interviewers for their great questions; if you speak Portuguese or you are a Google Translator fan you can read them: Entrevista com Pedro Dias (by Paulo Teixeira) and Entrevista a Pedro Dias (by Kazulo Webmarketing). It is a great pleasure to be a part of such an awesome community.

Googlen Keskusteluryhmä Verkkovastaaville


The Finnish Webmaster Help Group will be celebrating its first birthday soon. During the first year, we've built a small but dynamic community and covered various topics from general webmaster issues to language-related toughies. A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in discussions! I'm looking forward to starting our second year as a group, hope to see both familiar faces and newcomers join in our community!

Groupe Google d'entraide pour les webmasters

Alec, Nathalie

The French Webmaster Help Group was launched one year ago and we've had a tremendous growth thanks to all our fantastic members. Special thanks to Paul-Arnaud and Cyrille who used to help so much and to Thierry who is now our bionic poster :-)

Recently I had the chance to discuss the Webmaster Help Group with a French SEO I met at SES Paris '08. It was so great to connect again on the internet and help them with their issues.

Swedish Webmaster Help Group

Hessam, the Swedish Google Guide

The small Swedish webmaster forum, with currently almost 200 users, has almost tripled its size since its launch last July. During the past year we have seen a steady growth in user participation and a number of questions from our Swedish webmasters. I also had the chance to attend Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Stockholm 2007 which was definitely the highlight of the year. There I was able to meet a number of Swedish webmasters to talk about Google, our Webmaster Tools as well as the cold Swedish winter. During the coming year we are determined to further grow the community to better support our users. Lastly, a big thanks goes to everyone who has supported the group, especially Mattias Nordin and Widar Nord who have contributed with their knowledge and time. I am looking forward to hearing more from our regulars and would like to extend an invite to new members.

Google Diskussionsforum für Webmaster


With more than 2700 members and almost a thousand posts per month, the German Webmaster Help Group has developed into a vibrant community. You will find many very savvy webmasters there who are always prepared to discuss all webmaster-related issues and offer advice to both beginners and advanced webmasters.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to this forum. Some webmasters like luzie, alpaka, beejees, Garzosch have been a crucial part of our group since this group began, and with the likes of Zombie joining in October, Mikki in January and Sistrix in March after having the pleasure of meeting him at SMX in Munich, we have an ever-growing pool of wisdom :-)

Foro de Google para Webmasters

Rebecca, Alvar

The Spanish webmaster group now has almost 2500 members. We have some wonderful webmasters that offer great advice and support, people like Ricardo Antonio, Enrique de Mesa, Jesús Cáceres (chupi), Jose Antonio Nobile (nobilesoft), Carles Pastor, and many others who help make this forum work as well as it does. Recently we had one member visit whose site had been hacked with a cloaking technique and the community was able to help point out how to detect the hidden links and clear the hacked content. It's great to see his website clean again and up and running.

If you want to know who is behind this forum, have a look at the video where we introduce the forum and Webmaster Tools. Additionally, please give any feedback you may have in the thread where we present the video. By the way, it was great meeting some of you guys face to face at the SMX Madrid conference.

Google Discussiegroep voor Webmaster

Andre, Jos

Our Dutch Webmaster Help Group now has well over 700 members. Some of our regular posters, like Marketsharer, Janus and Joop are doing a great job helping a lot of our less experienced (as well as more experienced!) webmasters with their questions. Recently, some Dutch webmasters have been dealing with the fact that their sites have been hacked. We've added a sticky post to the group to help webmasters clean up their sites after getting hacked, so if you are dealing with this issue, do have a look at t