A word on site clinics

Friday, April 02, 2010

We try to communicate with webmasters in lots of different places. For example, when we send representatives to conferences we're happy to participate in public site clinics where we share best practices on how to improve the crawlability and site architecture of websites suggested by the audience.

However, we also want to help users who can't or don't want to attend search conferences. To reach more people, we started doing virtual site clinics in languages other than English. These site clinics help site owners make websites in such a way that they are more easily crawled, indexed, and returned by search engine crawlers, which in turn helps webmasters gain more visibility on the web.

We did a series of virtual site clinics in Spanish last year which spanned 5 blog posts. The clinics covered real problems on real sites, and we posted the results on the Spanish Webmaster Central blog. If you read Spanish, I recommend you go read the different posts covering everything from issues with framed sites, to more technical domain setup.

In some countries we don't have dedicated webmaster-focused blogs, but we still want to help webmasters in those countries. That means that you might occasionally see site clinic or webmaster-related posts on AdWords blogs such as the forthcoming ones on the Nordic AdWords blogs (which cover Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish). Recently when we posted some advice for webmasters on one of our AdWords blogs, we received questions about the relationship between Google's search and advertising programs. We wanted to again reassure our users that the ranking of Google's organic search results is entirely separate from our advertising programs. Furthermore, we do not give any preference to AdWords customers in our site clinics - everybody is welcome to participate. We're simply posting this on local "AdWords" blogs because it's the best way for us to reach webmasters in those communities and languages.