Webmaster Tools made easier in French, Italian, German and Spanish

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're always working for new ways to make life a bit easier for webmasters. We've had great feedback to many of the initiatives that have taken place in Webmaster Tools and beyond, but given the complex nature of managing a website, there are some questions regarding the tools that come up quite often across the Webmaster Help Groups. This got us thinking: how can we best address these questions?

Well, if you're like me, then you find it a lot easier to learn how to use something if you actually get to see someone else doing it first; with that in mind, we'll launch a series of six video tutorials in French, German, Italian and Spanish over the next couple of months. The videos will take you through the basics of Webmaster Tools as well as how to use the information in the tools to make improvements to your site and hence your site's visibility in Google's index.

Our first video provides an overview of the different information you can access depending on whether you've verified ownership of your site in Webmaster Tools. We'll also explain the different verification methods available. And just to whet your appetite, here are the topics covered in the series:

  • Video 1: Getting started, signing in, benefits of verifying a site
  • Video 2: Setting preferences for crawling and indexing
  • Video 3: Creating and submitting Sitemaps
  • Video 4: Removing and preventing your content from being indexed
  • Video 5: Utilizing the Diagnostics, Statistics and Links sections
  • Video 6: Communicating between Webmasters and Google

You can access the first of these videos in the links provided below and keep a lookout in the local Webmaster Help Groups for upcoming video releases.