New reporting for Products Results in Search Console

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

We recently announced that in addition to markup, product data feeds submitted through Google Merchant Center and Google Manufacturer Center will be used to enrich Google Search shopping journeys. Today, we are announcing a new Search Appearance in the Search Console Performance report, which captures search stats for Product rich results on Google Search.

People come to Google to discover, research, and decide which products and brands to purchase. In order to provide helpful product information to shoppers, Google shows rich product data like product descriptions, price and availability within the search results.

Rich product information on Google Search results

Website owners need to understand the impact of these rich results. The Google Search Console Performance report provides key metrics like clicks and impressions to help webmasters understand and optimize the performance of their website results on Google Search. These metrics can further be segmented by device, geography and queries.

If your website is eligible to appear on Product search results, you'll find a new Search Appearance type called "Product results", with which you can segment your traffic to analyze your search performance.

Search Appearance of 'Product results'

The new 'Product results' search appearance (shown in the screenshot above) will help website owners understand their search performance for product rich results. For example, they'll be able to answer the following questions:

  • How much traffic comes from experiences with rich data like price, availability?
  • How does shopping traffic change over time, and for what shopping search queries is the website shown?

If you have any questions on this (or other) Search Console reports, let us know through the forum or on Twitter.