Possible DV360 sensitive category.

SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_UNSPECIFIED This enum is only a placeholder and doesn't specify a DV360 sensitive category.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_ADULT Adult or pornographic text, image, or video content.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_DEROGATORY Content that may be construed as biased against individuals, groups, or organizations based on criteria such as race, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political affiliation. May also indicate discussion of such content, for instance, in an academic or journalistic context.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_DOWNLOADS_SHARING Content related to audio, video, or software downloads.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_WEAPONS Contains content related to personal weapons, including knives, guns, small firearms, and ammunition. Selecting either "weapons" or "sensitive social issues" will result in selecting both.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_GAMBLING Contains content related to betting or wagering in a real-world or online setting.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_VIOLENCE Content which may be considered graphically violent, gory, gruesome, or shocking, such as street fighting videos, accident photos, descriptions of torture, etc.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_SUGGESTIVE Adult content, as well as suggestive content that's not explicitly pornographic. This category includes all pages categorized as adult.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_PROFANITY Prominent use of words considered indecent, such as curse words and sexual slang. Pages with only very occasional usage, such as news sites that might include such words in a quotation, are not included.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_ALCOHOL Contains content related to alcoholic beverages, alcohol brands, recipes, etc.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_DRUGS Contains content related to the recreational use of legal or illegal drugs, as well as to drug paraphernalia or cultivation.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_TOBACCO Contains content related to tobacco and tobacco accessories, including lighters, humidors, ashtrays, etc.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_POLITICS Political news and media, including discussions of social, governmental, and public policy.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_RELIGION Content related to religious thought or beliefs.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_TRAGEDY Content related to death, disasters, accidents, war, etc.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_TRANSPORTATION_ACCIDENTS Content related to motor vehicle, aviation or other transportation accidents.
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_SENSITIVE_SOCIAL_ISSUES Issues that evoke strong, opposing views and spark debate. These include issues that are controversial in most countries and markets (such as abortion), as well as those that are controversial in specific countries and markets (such as immigration reform in the United States).
SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_SHOCKING Content which may be considered shocking or disturbing, such as violent news stories, stunts, or toilet humor.