Possible types for targeting.

TARGETING_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Default value when type is not specified or is unknown in this version.
TARGETING_TYPE_CHANNEL Target a channel (a custom group of related websites or apps).
TARGETING_TYPE_APP_CATEGORY Target an app category (for example, education or puzzle games).
TARGETING_TYPE_APP Target a specific app (for example, Angry Birds).
TARGETING_TYPE_URL Target a specific url (for example,
TARGETING_TYPE_DAY_AND_TIME Target ads during a chosen time period on a specific day.
TARGETING_TYPE_AGE_RANGE Target ads to a specific age range (for example, 18-24).
TARGETING_TYPE_REGIONAL_LOCATION_LIST Target ads to the specified regions on a regional location list.
TARGETING_TYPE_PROXIMITY_LOCATION_LIST Target ads to the specified points of interest on a proximity location list.
TARGETING_TYPE_GENDER Target ads to a specific gender (for example, female or male).
TARGETING_TYPE_VIDEO_PLAYER_SIZE Target a specific video player size for video ads.
TARGETING_TYPE_USER_REWARDED_CONTENT Target user rewarded content for video ads.
TARGETING_TYPE_PARENTAL_STATUS Target ads to a specific parental status (for example, parent or not a parent).
TARGETING_TYPE_CONTENT_INSTREAM_POSITION Target video or audio ads in a specific content instream position (for example, pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll).
TARGETING_TYPE_CONTENT_OUTSTREAM_POSITION Target ads in a specific content outstream position.
TARGETING_TYPE_DEVICE_TYPE Target ads to a specific device type (for example, tablet or connected TV).
TARGETING_TYPE_AUDIENCE_GROUP Target ads to an audience or groups of audiences. Singleton field, at most one can exist on a single Lineitem at a time.
TARGETING_TYPE_BROWSER Target ads to specific web browsers (for example, Chrome).
TARGETING_TYPE_HOUSEHOLD_INCOME Target ads to a specific household income range (for example, top 10%).
TARGETING_TYPE_ON_SCREEN_POSITION Target ads in a specific on screen position.
TARGETING_TYPE_THIRD_PARTY_VERIFIER Filter web sites through third party verification (for example, IAS or DoubleVerify).
TARGETING_TYPE_DIGITAL_CONTENT_LABEL_EXCLUSION Filter web sites by specific digital content label ratings (for example, DL-MA: suitable only for mature audiences).
TARGETING_TYPE_SENSITIVE_CATEGORY_EXCLUSION Filter website content by sensitive categories (for example, adult).
TARGETING_TYPE_ENVIRONMENT Target ads to a specific environment (for example, web or app).
TARGETING_TYPE_CARRIER_AND_ISP Target ads to a specific network carrier or internet service provider (ISP) (for example, Comcast or Orange).
TARGETING_TYPE_OPERATING_SYSTEM Target ads to a specific operating system (for example, macOS).
TARGETING_TYPE_DEVICE_MAKE_MODEL Target ads to a specific device make or model (for example, Roku or Samsung).
TARGETING_TYPE_KEYWORD Target ads to a specific keyword (for example, dog or retriever).
TARGETING_TYPE_NEGATIVE_KEYWORD_LIST Target ads to a specific negative keyword list.
TARGETING_TYPE_VIEWABILITY Target ads to a specific viewability (for example, 80% viewable).
TARGETING_TYPE_CATEGORY Target ads to a specific content category (for example, arts & entertainment).
TARGETING_TYPE_INVENTORY_SOURCE Purchase impressions from specific deals and auction packages.
TARGETING_TYPE_LANGUAGE Target ads to a specific language (for example, English or Japanese).

Target ads to ads.txt authorized sellers.

If no targeting option of this type is assigned, the resource uses the "Authorized Direct Sellers and Resellers" option by default.

TARGETING_TYPE_GEO_REGION Target ads to a specific regional location (for example, a city or state).
TARGETING_TYPE_INVENTORY_SOURCE_GROUP Purchase impressions from a group of deals and auction packages.
TARGETING_TYPE_EXCHANGE Purchase impressions from specific exchanges.
TARGETING_TYPE_SUB_EXCHANGE Purchase impressions from specific sub-exchanges.
TARGETING_TYPE_POI Target ads around a specific point of interest, such as a notable building, a street address, or latitude/longitude coordinates.
TARGETING_TYPE_BUSINESS_CHAIN Target ads around locations of a business chain within a specific geo region.
TARGETING_TYPE_CONTENT_DURATION Target ads to a specific video content duration.
TARGETING_TYPE_CONTENT_STREAM_TYPE Target ads to a specific video content stream type.
TARGETING_TYPE_NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION Target ads to a specific native content position.
TARGETING_TYPE_OMID Target ads in an Open Measurement enabled inventory.
TARGETING_TYPE_AUDIO_CONTENT_TYPE Target ads to a specific audio content type.
TARGETING_TYPE_CONTENT_GENRE Target ads to a specific content genre.