Possible native content position options.

NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION_UNSPECIFIED Native content position is not specified in this version. This enum is a place holder for a default value and does not represent a real native content position.
NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION_UNKNOWN The native content position is unknown.
NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION_IN_ARTICLE Native content position is in-article, i.e., ads appear between the paragraphs of pages.
NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION_IN_FEED Native content position is in-feed, i.e., ads appear in a scrollable stream of content. A feed is typically editorial (e.g. a list of articles or news) or listings (e.g. a list of products or services).
NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION_PERIPHERAL Native content position is peripheral, i.e., ads appear outside of core content on pages, such as the right- or left-hand side of the page.
NATIVE_CONTENT_POSITION_RECOMMENDATION Native content position is recommendation, i.e., ads appear in sections for recommended content.