Usage Limits

Usage limits protect Google's infrastructure from automated processes that use the Display & Video 360 API in an inappropriate way. They ensure that one developer's actions cannot negatively impact the larger community.

API request quota limits

Display & Video 360 API request quotas vary depending on the resource and method.

Total request quota limits

The following default API request limits are shared by all Display & Video 360 API resources and methods.

  • Queries per project per day: 172,800
  • Queries per minute per project: 1,200

Write request quota limit

The following default API request limit is shared by all Display & Video 360 API write methods. Write methods are defined as methods—such as create, patch, delete, or bulkEdit—that modify resources.

Note that some methods consume more write quota than others.

Write-intensive methods

The following API methods are write-intensive, meaning that they use a significant amount of product resources and, as a result, consume more write request quota than other write requests.

Requests made to write-intensive methods are counted as 5 write queries when computing write request quota consumption. For example, 400 standard write requests and 41 write-intensive requests made within a minute would be counted as 605 write queries (400 + (41 * 5) = 605) and would exceed the existing quota limit of 600 write queries per minute.

The following methods are considered write-intensive:

Exceeding quota limits

In the unlikely event that your request fails due to exceeding an API request limit, the API returns an HTTP status code and reason for the error. Additionally, the body of the response contains a detailed description of what caused the error.

The following list shows the possible errors and recommended actions for request failures caused by exceeding API request limits.

Code RPC Message Recommended Action
429 RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED Resource has been exhausted (e.g., check quota). Examine your usage from the Google API Console and modify your workflow to make fewer requests or slow down the requests or slow down the rate at which you are sending requests. You can request additional quota if you believe your usage is reasonable.

Requesting additional quota

If you think that your app requires additional daily quota, you can request more by following the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the Display & Video 360 API in the Google API Console.
  2. Review your usage statistics from the Metrics page to ensure your application is behaving as expected. Pay close attention to the methods that have been called and address any unexpected or excessive usage before proceeding.
  3. If usage looks normal, navigate to the Quotas page, pick the quota type you'd like to increase, click the edit icon next to Queries per day, and then click Apply for higher quota.

Make sure to review the information and follow the instructions included in the quota request form before submitting an increase request.

Upcoming changes to API usage limits

On May 30, 2023, existing usage limits will be replaced with a hybrid quota structure that does the following:

  1. Eliminates the requests per day per project quota.
  2. Institutes a requests per minute per advertiser per project quota for qualifying methods.

Changes to usage limits are as follows:

  • All requests with an advertiser ID specified in their URL path—such as those to the advertisers.lineItems, advertisers.creatives, or advertisers.channels services—will count against these quota limits:
    • Total requests per minute per advertiser per project: 300
    • Write requests per minute per advertiser per project: 150
  • All requests that do not specify an advertiser ID in their URL path—such as those to the partners, sdfdownloadtasks, or targetingTypes.targetingOptions services—will be subject to these quota limits:
    • Total requests per minute per project: 600
    • Write requests per minute per project: 200

Write-intensive methods will continue to be counted at a higher rate under this new quota structure. With the removal of daily quota limits, you will no longer be able to request additional quota.

In preparation for this change, we recommend that you confirm that your current Display & Video 360 API integration properly handles exceeding a per-minute limit. If a request returns a 429 error for exceeding a per-minute limit, your app should wait a few seconds before continuing to make requests. If you see these errors on a regular basis, reduce the frequency of your requests.