Possible content durations options.

CONTENT_DURATION_UNSPECIFIED Content duration is not specified in this version. This enum is a place holder for a default value and does not represent a real content duration.
CONTENT_DURATION_UNKNOWN The content duration is unknown.
CONTENT_DURATION_0_TO_1_MIN Content is 0-1 minute long.
CONTENT_DURATION_1_TO_5_MIN Content is 1-5 minutes long.
CONTENT_DURATION_5_TO_15_MIN Content is 5-15 minutes long.
CONTENT_DURATION_15_TO_30_MIN Content is 15-30 minutes long.
CONTENT_DURATION_30_TO_60_MIN Content is 30-60 minutes long.
CONTENT_DURATION_OVER_60_MIN Content is over 60 minutes long.