Display & Video 360 API v1 has been sunset and requests made to it could return an error. You must use Display & Video 360 API v2 instead.

For v1 to v2 migration instructions, see our migration guide.


Possible statuses of an entity.

ENTITY_STATUS_UNSPECIFIED Default value when status is not specified or is unknown in this version.
ENTITY_STATUS_ACTIVE The entity is enabled to bid and spend budget.
ENTITY_STATUS_ARCHIVED The entity is archived. Bidding and budget spending are disabled. An entity can be deleted after archived. Deleted entities cannot be retrieved.
ENTITY_STATUS_DRAFT The entity is under draft. Bidding and budget spending are disabled.
ENTITY_STATUS_PAUSED Bidding and budget spending are paused for the entity.
ENTITY_STATUS_SCHEDULED_FOR_DELETION The entity is scheduled for deletion.