Enum PageNavigationType


An enum representing the supported types of page navigation. Page navigation types can be accessed from FormApp.PageNavigationType.

The page navigation occurs after the respondent completes a page that contains the option, and only if the respondent chose that option. If the respondent chose multiple options with page-navigation instructions on the same page, only the last navigation option has any effect. Page navigation also has no effect on the last page of a form.

Choices that use page navigation cannot be combined in the same item with choices that do not use page navigation.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, FormApp.PageNavigationType.CONTINUE.

// Create a form and add a new multiple-choice item and a page-break item.
var form = FormApp.create('Form Name');
var item = form.addMultipleChoiceItem();
var pageBreak = form.addPageBreakItem();

// Set some choices with go-to-page logic.
var rightChoice = item.createChoice('Vanilla', FormApp.PageNavigationType.SUBMIT);
var wrongChoice = item.createChoice('Chocolate', FormApp.PageNavigationType.RESTART);

// For GO_TO_PAGE, just pass in the page break item. For CONTINUE (normally the default), pass in
// CONTINUE explicitly because page navigation cannot be mixed with non-navigation choices.
var iffyChoice = item.createChoice('Peanut', pageBreak);
var otherChoice = item.createChoice('Strawberry', FormApp.PageNavigationType.CONTINUE);
item.setChoices([rightChoice, wrongChoice, iffyChoice, otherChoice]);


CONTINUEEnumContinue to the next page of the form after completing the current page.
GO_TO_PAGEEnumJump to a specified page of the form after completing the current page.
RESTARTEnumRestart the form from the beginning, without clearing answers entered so far, after completing the current page.
SUBMITEnumSubmit the form response after completing the current page.