Enum FieldType


An enum that defines the types that can be set for a Field.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, DataStudioApp.FieldType.YEAR.


YEAREnumYear in the format of YYYY such as 2017.
YEAR_QUARTEREnumYear and quarter in the format of YYYYQ such as 20171.
YEAR_MONTHEnumYear and month in the format of YYYYMM such as 201703.
YEAR_WEEKEnumYear and week in the format of YYYYww such as 201707.
YEAR_MONTH_DAYEnumYear, month, and day in the format of YYYYMMDD such as 20170317.
YEAR_MONTH_DAY_HOUREnumYear, month, day, and hour in the format of YYYYMMDDHH such as 2017031703.
YEAR_MONTH_DAY_MINUTEEnumYear, month, day, hour, and minute in the format of YYYYMMDDHHmm such as 201703170230.
YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SECONDEnumYear, month, day, hour, minute, and second in the format of YYYYMMDDHHmmss such as 20170317023017.
QUARTEREnumQuarter in the format of 1, 2, 3, or 4).
MONTHEnumMonth in the format of MM such as 03.
WEEKEnumWeek in the format of ww such as 07.
MONTH_DAYEnumMonth and day in the format of MMDD such as 0317.
DAY_OF_WEEKEnumA number in the range of [0,6] with 0 representing Sunday.
DAYEnumDay in the format of DD such as 17.
HOUREnumHour in the format of HH such as 13.
MINUTEEnumMinute in the format of mm such as 12.
DURATIONEnumA duration of time in seconds.
COUNTRYEnumA country such as United States.
COUNTRY_CODEEnumA country code such as US.
CONTINENTEnumA continent such as Americas.
CONTINENT_CODEEnumA continent code such as 019.
SUB_CONTINENTEnumA sub-continent such as North America.
SUB_CONTINENT_CODEEnumA sub-continent code such as 003.
REGIONEnumA region such as California.
REGION_CODEEnumA region code such as CA.
CITYEnumA city such as Mountain View.
CITY_CODEEnumA city code such as 1014044.
METROEnumA metro such as San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA.
METRO_CODEEnumA metro code such as 200807.
LATITUDE_LONGITUDEEnumA latitude longitude pair such as 51.5074, -0.1278.
NUMBEREnumA decimal number.
PERCENTEnumDecimal percentage (can be over 1.0). For example, 137% is represented as 1.37.
TEXTEnumFree-form text.
BOOLEANEnumA true or false boolean value.
URLEnumA URL as text such as https://google.com.
HYPERLINKEnumA hyperlink. Only use this for calculated fields with the HYPERLINK function.
IMAGEEnumAn image. Only use this for calculated fields with the IMAGE function.
IMAGE_LINKEnumAn image link. Only use this for calculated fields with the HYPERLINK function while using IMAGE for the link label.
CURRENCY_AEDEnumCurrency from AED.
CURRENCY_ALLEnumCurrency from ALL.
CURRENCY_ARSEnumCurrency from ARS.
CURRENCY_AUDEnumCurrency from AUD.
CURRENCY_BDTEnumCurrency from BDT.
CURRENCY_BGNEnumCurrency from BGN.
CURRENCY_BOBEnumCurrency from BOB.
CURRENCY_BRLEnumCurrency from BRL.
CURRENCY_CADEnumCurrency from CAD.
CURRENCY_CDFEnumCurrency from CDF.
CURRENCY_CHFEnumCurrency from CHF.
CURRENCY_CLPEnumCurrency from CLP.
CURRENCY_CNYEnumCurrency from CNY.
CURRENCY_COPEnumCurrency from COP.
CURRENCY_CRCEnumCurrency from CRC.
CURRENCY_CZKEnumCurrency from CZK.
CURRENCY_DKKEnumCurrency from DKK.
CURRENCY_DOPEnumCurrency from DOP.
CURRENCY_EGPEnumCurrency from EGP.
CURRENCY_ETBEnumCurrency from ETB.
CURRENCY_EUREnumCurrency from EUR.
CURRENCY_GBPEnumCurrency from GBP.
CURRENCY_HKDEnumCurrency from HKD.
CURRENCY_HRKEnumCurrency from HRK.
CURRENCY_HUFEnumCurrency from HUF.
CURRENCY_IDREnumCurrency from IDR.
CURRENCY_ILSEnumCurrency from ILS.
CURRENCY_INREnumCurrency from INR.
CURRENCY_IRREnumCurrency from IRR.
CURRENCY_ISKEnumCurrency from ISK.
CURRENCY_JMDEnumCurrency from JMD.
CURRENCY_JPYEnumCurrency from JPY.
CURRENCY_KRWEnumCurrency from KRW.
CURRENCY_LKREnumCurrency from LKR.
CURRENCY_LTLEnumCurrency from LTL.
CURRENCY_MNTEnumCurrency from MNT.
CURRENCY_MVREnumCurrency from MVR.
CURRENCY_MXNEnumCurrency from MXN.
CURRENCY_MYREnumCurrency from MYR.
CURRENCY_NGNEnumCurrency from NGN.
CURRENCY_NOKEnumCurrency from NOK.
CURRENCY_NZDEnumCurrency from NZD.
CURRENCY_PABEnumCurrency from PAB.
CURRENCY_PENEnumCurrency from PEN.
CURRENCY_PHPEnumCurrency from PHP.
CURRENCY_PKREnumCurrency from PKR.
CURRENCY_PLNEnumCurrency from PLN.
CURRENCY_RONEnumCurrency from RON.
CURRENCY_RSDEnumCurrency from RSD.
CURRENCY_RUBEnumCurrency from RUB.
CURRENCY_SAREnumCurrency from SAR.
CURRENCY_SEKEnumCurrency from SEK.
CURRENCY_SGDEnumCurrency from SGD.
CURRENCY_THBEnumCurrency from THB.
CURRENCY_TRYEnumCurrency from TRY.
CURRENCY_TWDEnumCurrency from TWD.
CURRENCY_TZSEnumCurrency from TZS.
CURRENCY_UAHEnumCurrency from UAH.
CURRENCY_USDEnumCurrency from USD.
CURRENCY_UYUEnumCurrency from UYU.
CURRENCY_VEFEnumCurrency from VEF.
CURRENCY_VNDEnumCurrency from VND.
CURRENCY_YEREnumCurrency from YER.
CURRENCY_ZAREnumCurrency from ZAR.