Enum Status


Status of the solution. Before solving a problem the status will be NOT_SOLVED; afterwards it will take any of the other values depending if it successfully found a solution and if the solution is optimal.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, LinearOptimizationService.Status.OPTIMAL.


OPTIMALEnumStatus when an optimal solution has been found.
FEASIBLEEnumStatus when a feasible (not necessarily optimal) solution has been found.
INFEASIBLEEnumStatus when the current model is unfeasible (has no solution).
UNBOUNDEDEnumStatus when the current model is unbound.
ABNORMALEnumStatus when it failed to find a solution for unexpected reasons.
MODEL_INVALIDEnumStatus when the model is invalid.
NOT_SOLVEDEnumStatus when LinearOptimizationEngine.solve() has not been called yet.