Enum ThemeColorType


The name of an entry in the page's color scheme.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, SlidesApp.ThemeColorType.LIGHT1.


UNSUPPORTEDEnumRepresents a theme color that is not supported.
DARK1EnumRepresents the first dark color.
LIGHT1EnumRepresents the first light color.
DARK2EnumRepresents the second dark color.
LIGHT2EnumRepresents the second light color.
ACCENT1EnumRepresents the first accent color.
ACCENT2EnumRepresents the second accent color.
ACCENT3EnumRepresents the third accent color.
ACCENT4EnumRepresents the fourth accent color.
ACCENT5EnumRepresents the fifth accent color.
ACCENT6EnumRepresents the sixth accent color.
HYPERLINKEnumRepresents the color to use for hyperlinks.
FOLLOWED_HYPERLINKEnumRepresents the color to use for visited hyperlinks.