Enum Field

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An enum for contacts fields.


FULL_NAMEEnumthe contact's full name
GIVEN_NAMEEnumthe contact's given (first) name
MIDDLE_NAMEEnumthe contact's middle name
FAMILY_NAMEEnumthe contact's family (last) name
MAIDEN_NAMEEnumthe contact's maiden name
NICKNAMEEnumthe contact's nickname
SHORT_NAMEEnumthe contact's short name
INITIALSEnumthe contact's initials
PREFIXEnumthe prefix for the contact's name
SUFFIXEnumthe suffix for the contact's name
HOME_EMAILEnumthe contact's home email address
WORK_EMAILEnumthe contact's work email address
BIRTHDAYEnumthe contact's birthday
ANNIVERSARYEnumthe contact's anniversary
HOME_ADDRESSEnumthe contact's home address
WORK_ADDRESSEnumthe contact's work address
ASSISTANT_PHONEEnumthe contact's assistant's phone number
CALLBACK_PHONEEnumthe contact's callback phone number
MAIN_PHONEEnumthe contact's main phone number
PAGEREnumthe contact's pager number
HOME_FAXEnumthe contact's home fax number
WORK_FAXEnumthe contact's work fax number
HOME_PHONEEnumthe contact's home phone number
WORK_PHONEEnumthe contact's work phone number
MOBILE_PHONEEnumthe contact's mobile phone number
GOOGLE_VOICEEnumthe contact's Google Voice number
NOTESEnumnotes about the contact
GOOGLE_TALKEnumthe contact's Google Talk identifier
AIMEnumthe contact's AIM identifier
YAHOOEnumthe contact's Yahoo instant messaging identifier
SKYPEEnumthe contact's Skype identifier
QQEnumthe contact's QQ identifer
MSNEnumthe contact's MSN identifier
ICQEnumthe contact's ICQ identifier
JABBEREnumthe contact's Jabber identifier
BLOGEnumthe contact's blog URL
FTPEnumthe contact's FTP URL
PROFILEEnumthe contact's profile URL
HOME_PAGEEnumthe contact's home page URL
WORK_WEBSITEEnumthe contact's work website URL
HOME_WEBSITEEnumthe contact's home website URL
JOB_TITLEEnumthe contact's job title
COMPANYEnumthe contact's company