Use the Google Chat API to build Chat apps that bring your services and resources right into Google Chat, letting users get information and take action without leaving the conversation.
Build a Chat app that answers questions with generative AI: when someone asks a question, the app checks for previously shared answers and then shares one.
Build a Google Chat app that responds to incidents in real time. The app creates a Chat space, facilitates incident resolution, and uses AI to summarize the response in Google Docs.
Make a Google Chat app that a team can use to manage projects in real time. Help users write user stories with generative AI-assisted story writing tools.
Cards provide a standard interface that ensures your Chat app looks good on any device. Interactive elements like buttons enable users to do their work directly from Google Chat.
Dialogs are windowed, card-based interfaces that Chat apps open to interact with users. Help users complete multi-step processes with sequential dialogs.
With link previews, whenever users share links in Google Chat spaces, your app can attach cards with helpful information that let people take action right from Google Chat.
Use the Chat API to programmatically manage Chat resources like:
  • Spaces
  • Messages
  • Memberships
  • Attachments
  • Reactions
Publish to the Google Workspace Marketplace to distribute your Chat app to users in your Google Workspace organization, or make it available to all Google Chat users.
Whether you're building your first app, or your hundred-and-first, our documentation teaches you key Chat app features.
Got five minutes? Build and deploy a basic Chat app using Apps Script that responds to messages.
Build a Chat app that understands and responds with natural language.

Post notifications

Define one-off apps that inject messages into a room for information feeds or alerts.
Learn which type of authentication is best for your Chat app.
Import data from your other messaging platforms into Google Chat.
Register specific commands that users can issue to your app.
Want to see the Google Chat API in action?
The Google Workspace Developers channel offers videos about tips, tricks, and the latest features.

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