Drive UI integration overview

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The Google Drive user interface (UI) is a Google-provided application where Drive users to create, organize, discover, and share content stored on Google Drive. You can integrate your Drive-enabled app with the Drive UI to take advantage of these features. There are 2 integrations you can perform:

Drive UI's "New" button

If you want Drive UI users to call your app to create a file, integrate your app with the Drive UI's "New" button.

The "New" button lets users open your application or other editor-style apps, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, to create a new document.

Google Drive UI's new button.
Figure 1. Using Drive UI's "New" button.

Drive UI's "Open with" menu item

If you want Drive UI users to open documents with your app, integrate your app with the Drive UI's "Open with" menu item.

When a user right-clicks on a file in the Drive UI, a context menu opens. The right-click menu contains an "Open with" item letting the user select an application to open the file.

Google Drive UI's open with menu item
Figure 2. Using Drive UI's "Open with" menu item.

For instructions on how to begin your integration, continue to Configure a Drive UI integration.