Enum PredefinedLayout


Predefined layouts. These are commonly found layouts in presentations. However, there is no guarantee that these layouts are present in the current master as they could have been deleted or not part of the used theme. Additionally, the placeholders on each layout may have been changed.

To call an enum, you call its parent class, name, and property. For example, SlidesApp.PredefinedLayout.BLANK.


UNSUPPORTEDEnumA layout that is not supported.
BLANKEnumBlank layout, with no placeholders.
CAPTION_ONLYEnumLayout with a caption at the bottom.
TITLEEnumLayout with a title and a subtitle.
TITLE_AND_BODYEnumLayout with a title and body.
TITLE_AND_TWO_COLUMNSEnumLayout with a title and two columns.
TITLE_ONLYEnumLayout with only a title.
SECTION_HEADEREnumLayout with a section title.
SECTION_TITLE_AND_DESCRIPTIONEnumLayout with a title and subtitle on one side and description on the other.
ONE_COLUMN_TEXTEnumLayout with one title and one body, arranged in a single column.
MAIN_POINTEnumLayout with a main point.
BIG_NUMBEREnumLayout with a big number heading.