Enum GlyphType


An enumeration of the supported glyph types.

Use the GlyphType enumeration to set the bullet type for list items.

var body = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getBody();

// Insert at list item, with the default nesting level of zero.
 body.appendListItem("Item 1");

 // Append a second list item, with a nesting level of one, indented one inch.
 // The two items will have different bullet glyphs.
 body.appendListItem("Item 2").setNestingLevel(1).setIndentStart(72)


BULLETEnumThe default bullet, circular and filled.
HOLLOW_BULLETEnumA hollow bullet.
SQUARE_BULLETEnumA square bullet.
NUMBEREnumA number based bullet.
LATIN_UPPEREnumA latin, uppercase bullet.
LATIN_LOWEREnumA latin, lowercase bullet.
ROMAN_UPPEREnumA roman numeral, uppercase bullet.
ROMAN_LOWEREnumA roman numeral, lowercase bullet.