Enum VerticalAlignment

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An enumeration of the supported vertical alignment types.

Use the VerticalAlignment enumeration to set the vertical alignment of table cells.

var body = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getBody();

// Append table containing two cells.
var table = body.appendTable([['Top', 'Center', 'Bottom']]);

// Align the first cell's contents to the top.
table.getCell(0, 0).setVerticalAlignment(DocumentApp.VerticalAlignment.TOP);

// Align the second cell's contents to the center.
table.getCell(0, 1).setVerticalAlignment(DocumentApp.VerticalAlignment.CENTER);

// Align the third cell's contents to the bottom.
table.getCell(0, 2).setVerticalAlignment(DocumentApp.VerticalAlignment.BOTTOM);


BOTTOMEnumThe bottom-alignment option.
CENTEREnumThe center-alignment option.
TOPEnumThe top-alignment option.