Google Ads Entities

Google Ads scripts work with the following Google Ads entities:

Get account information.
Ad groups
Pause/enable or change default keyword max CPC bid. Create keywords, expanded text ads, and negative keywords.
Ad params
Create or remove ad params.
Ad media
Upload or query ad media.
Pause/enable/remove or get an ad.
Ad schedule
Get or remove an ad schedule. Set bid modifier.
Bidding Strategy
Access account-level flexible bidding strategies. More about bidding.
Budget orders
Query budget orders.
Get or set budget amount.
Pause/enable or modify budget. Create ad groups and negative keywords.
Create, remove, or change CPM and max CPC bid for keywords, placements, topics, or audiences.
Create or remove ad extensions: callout, message, mobile app, phone number, review, sitelink, or snippet.
Pause/enable, remove, or change max CPC bid. Search keywords only.
Create, remove, apply to, or remove from entities.
Negative keywords
Create or remove.
Support for all listed reports.
Shared sets
Includes supports for both excluded placement list and negative keyword list.
Share negative keyword or placement lists across campaigns.
Shopping campaigns
Set up or manage Shopping campaigns.
Access campaign-level targeting. Available targets include location, proximity, platforms, language, content labels, and audiences.
User lists
Query or manage user lists.