Recommendations are automatically generated by Google Ads and provide ideas for ways to optimize your account, such as by increasing campaign budget for a limited campaign or by adding relevant keywords. See the full list of recommendation types in the Google Ads API documentation.

Retrieve recommendations

To retrieve recommendations, use the AdsApp.recommendations() selector, which works similarly to other selectors in letting you specify conditions on what types of recommendations to return:

const selector = AdsApp.recommendations()
  .withCondition('recommendation.type IN (CAMPAIGN_BUDGET)');
const recommendations = selector.get();

Apply recommendations

Once you've fetched the recommendations, apply them like so:

for (const recommendation of recommendations) {
  // Perform whatever check here that works for your use case.
  // You can also potentially skip this step if you've sufficiently narrowed
  // down what recommendations you're selecting initially with customized
  // withCondition clauses in the previous step.
  if (shouldApply(recommendation)) {