The AdWords API is no longer supported. Use the Google Ads API instead.

type ListOperations (v201809)

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Describes the behavior of elements in a list. Instances of ListOperations will always be defined alongside some list in an API POJO. The number of operators in the ListOperations must be equal to the number of elements in the POJO list. Each operator, together with its corresponding list element, describe an intended change.

For example, if in a request Campaign.selectiveOptimization contains 2 conversionTypeIds, and the conversionTypeIdsOps is non-null, it must contain 2 operators. If those operators are {PUT, REMOVE} then the API will add the first conversionTypeId (if it doesn't already exist) and remove the second conversionTypeId (if it exists).





Indicates that all contents of the list should be deleted. If this is true, the list will be cleared first, then proceed to the operators.



The desired behavior of each element in the POJO list that this ListOperation corresponds to. This will contain the same number of elements as the corresponding List<>.

Adds to a list, or overrides an existing element if it exists.
Removes this element from the list.
Updates this element with the existing behavior of null fields inside the list element being a no-op. If the element doesn't exist it is added.