Conversion reporting

You can report on conversions in the Google Ads API by retrieving data about specific conversion actions, or retrieving conversion metrics for other resources; for example, campaigns, ad groups, and ads. This guide explains how you can retrieve that information, and how Google Ads UI metrics map to Google Ads API metrics.

Retrieve data about specific conversion actions

You can retrieve details about your existing conversion actions using the conversion_action resource.

For example, the following query retrieves the name, type, and status of all your conversion actions:

FROM conversion_action

See all the fields available on the conversion_action resource or use the Google Ads Query Builder to get started on your own query.

Retrieve conversion metrics for other resources

You can segment by conversion_action and retrieve conversion metrics like conversions and all_conversions when querying other resources, such as keyword_view and ad_group_view.

For example, the following query retrieves the conversions and conversions_value metrics for your campaigns, segmented by conversion_action:

FROM campaign

Note that some conversion-related fields, such as segments.conversion_or_adjustment_lag_bucket and other metrics fields, might not be available in all reports. Take a look at the respective resource page for a full list of compatible fields.

Common concerns

My data isn't up-to-date.
When looking at conversion data, keep in mind that performance data isn't available instantly. Review the Google Ads data freshness guide for information about conversion data freshness.
My report is empty.
Rows in reports whose metrics are all zero, such as for new conversion actions, won't be returned.
I can't access my custom columns through the Google Ads API.
Custom columns are not supported by the Google Ads API and cannot be retrieved in reports.

Map user interface metrics

When viewing a campaign using the Google Ads user interface, there are a large number of possible columns which correspond to metrics in the Google Ads API. The following table summarizes the mapping of columns in the UI to the equivalent metrics in the API.

All conv. metrics.all_conversions
All conv. (by conv. time) metrics.all_conversions_by_conversion_date
All conv. rate metrics.all_conversions_value
All conv. value / cost metrics.all_conversions_value_per_cost
All conv. value (by conv. time) metrics.all_conversions_value_by_conversion_date
Conversions metrics.conversions
Conversions (by conv. time) metrics.conversions_by_conversion_date
Conversions (current model) metrics.current_model_attributed_conversions
Conv. rate metrics.conversions_from_interactions_rate
Conv. rate (current model) metrics.current_model_attributed_conversions_from_interactions_rate
Conv. value metrics.conversions_value
Conv. value (by conv. time) metrics.conversions_value_by_conversion_date
Conv. value (current model) metrics.current_model_attributed_conversions_value
Conv. value / cost metrics.conversions_value_per_cost
Conv. value / cost (current model) metrics.current_model_attributed_conversions_value_per_cost
Conv. value / click metrics.all_conversions_from_interactions_value_per_interaction
Conv. value / click (current model) metrics.current_model_attributed_conversions_from_interactions_value_per_interaction
Cost / all conv. metrics.cost_per_all_conversions
Cost / conv. metrics.cost_per_conversion
Cost / conv. (current model) metrics.cost_per_current_model_attributed_conversion
Cross-device conv. metrics.cross_device_conversions
SKAdNetwork installs metrics.sk_ad_network_installs
SKAdNetwork total conversions metrics.sk_ad_network_total_conversions
Store visits metrics.all_conversions_from_store_visit
Value / all conv. metrics.value_per_all_conversions
Value / all conv. (by conv. time) metrics.value_per_all_conversions_by_conversion_date
Value / conv. metrics.value_per_conversion
Value / conv. (by conv. time) metrics.value_per_conversions_by_conversion_date
Value / conv. (current model) metrics.value_per_current_model_attributed_conversion
View-through conv. metrics.view_through_conversions