Troubleshoot Enhanced Conversions for Web

Use the enhanced conversions API diagnostics report to validate that your enhanced conversions for web are working effectively and to diagnose issues in your setup.

Debug common errors

ConversionAdjustmentUploadError.CONVERSION_NOT_FOUND A conversion corresponding to the order_id was not found. Verify the conversion is a Google Ads conversion for the Google Ads conversion customer specified in the request's customer_id.
In addition, verify that the conversion was not for a click where gbraid or wbraid was populated instead of gclid. Google Ads does not support enhanced conversions for web for these conversions.
ConversionAdjustmentUploadError.CUSTOMER_NOT_ACCEPTED_CUSTOMER_DATA_TERMS The customer data terms and conditions have not been accepted for the customer_id of the request. Find instructions for this in the prerequisites guide.
ConversionAdjustmentUploadError.CONVERSION_ALREADY_ENHANCED This conversion has already received an adjustment with the given order_id and conversion_action. Make sure to provide a unique order_id for each conversion.
ConversionAdjustmentUploadError.CONVERSION_ACTION_NOT_ELIGIBLE_FOR_ENHANCEMENT The conversion_action supplied is not eligible for enhanced conversions for web. In the Google Ads UI, make sure you check the Turn on enhanced conversions box on the conversion action referenced in your request. Find instructions for this in the prerequisites guide.

Additional troubleshooting support

If you have an issue that is not covered here, reach out through the Google Ads API technical support form and be sure to include Google Ads API request and response logs, plus any troubleshooting steps you've already attempted.