Managing User Access

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As an administrator, you can get the list of users with access to an account by building a Google Ads Query Language statement to query all the CustomerUserAccess entities associated with a customer ID. Here is a typical query:

FROM customer_user_access

You can also audit users who have access to your account, modify their access levels, and remove user accounts. Learn more about account access levels.

Here is a code example demonstrating how to modify the access role of a user. This call assumes that you have identified the correct user access by running the query shown above.

private void ModifyUserAccess(GoogleAdsClient client, long customerId, long userId,
    AccessRole accessRole)
    // Get the CustomerUserAccessService.
    CustomerUserAccessServiceClient userAccessService = client.GetService(

    // Creates the modified user access.
    CustomerUserAccess userAccess = new CustomerUserAccess()
        ResourceName = ResourceNames.CustomerUserAccess(customerId, userId),
        AccessRole = accessRole

    // Creates the operation.
    CustomerUserAccessOperation operation = new CustomerUserAccessOperation()
        Update = userAccess,
        UpdateMask = FieldMasks.AllSetFieldsOf(userAccess)

    // Updates the user access.
    MutateCustomerUserAccessResponse response =
            customerId.ToString(), operation);

    // Displays the result.
    Console.WriteLine($"Successfully modified customer user access with " +
        $"resource name '{response.Result.ResourceName}'.");