Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.

Hotel Ads

A Hotel Ad is an ad type that is created automatically by the system based on your provided hotel listings and prices. It allows you to target future travelers by showing your hotels' availability, pricing, and other booking options. Learn more about Hotel Ads.

Hotel Ads were once available to create and manipulate only via the Travel Partner API and the Hotel Ads Center. With these tools, you could create accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and hotel listings, or set bids and prices.

With Google Ads API, you can perform many tasks that are equivalent to what is provided in the Hotel Ads Center such as creating, updating, or deleting:

  • Campaigns
  • Campaign bidding strategies
  • Campaign budgets
  • Ad groups
  • Ad group bids
  • Ad group bid modifiers (also known as bid multipliers in the Hotel Ads Center)
  • Hotel listing groups (equivalent to Hotel Groups in the Hotel Ads Center)

The following tasks can't yet be done with the Google Ads API and can only be done via the Hotel Ads Center:

  • Create, update, delete hotel feeds
  • Create, update, delete hotel pricing information

Consult this guide for more information on the periodic performance operations needed for your hotel data.


Apart from whitelisting mentioned above, you need to first obtain the following to use Google Ads API with Hotel Ads:

Access to the Hotel Ads Center console
You can contact an authorized third-party integration partner to create an account in the Hotel Ads Center console and grant you access. Or, you can integrate with Google directly. Learn more.
Account ID of the Hotel Ads Center
This can be found inside the Hotel Ads Center console once you have access to it (get instructions). You need this account ID to link your Google Ads account with Hotel Ads Center account and to create Hotel campaigns that link to the Hotel Ads Center.

This guide describes the steps necessary to create Hotel campaigns, ad groups, and ads with the Google Ads API:

  1. Create a Hotel campaign
  2. Create a Hotel ad group
  3. Create a Hotel ad group ad
  4. Create Hotel listing groups
  5. (Optional) Create an ad group bid modifier for Hotel Ads
  6. Query ad performance and entities