Criteria Metrics

In the AdWords API, you can retrieve performance data (metrics) for different criteria from various reports (e.g., the Keywords Performance Report or the Age Range Performance Report).

To provide similar functionality in Google Ads API, each criteria report is represented by a separate resource. For example, data similar to the Keywords Performance Report is available in the keyword_view resource. Unless absolutely necessary, *_view resources will only contain a resource_name field.

Google Ads API clients will need to specify corresponding ad_group_criterion or campaign_criterion fields if any criteria specific data needs to be fetched. This will allow Google Ads API clients to request ad_group_criterion or campaign_criterion fields and the *_view resource in the same request to the GoogleAdsService.SearchStream method.

Sample query request

FROM keyword_view

To retrieve performance data (metrics) for a specific criteria type, specify its corresponding view resource in the FROM clause. For example, use keyword_view in the FROM clause and some metrics fields in the SELECT clause to retrieve keyword metrics.

You can select fields from parent resources all the way up to customer from a criteria view. For example, when selecting FROM the keyword_view, you can request fields from all of the following resources:

  • ad_group_criterion
  • ad_group
  • campaign
  • customer

You can check what resources can be requested in the above-mentioned way for a given resource by checking the Attribute Resources row of its reference page. For example, for keyword_view, you can find the above information on its reference page.

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