Things to do ads

A Things to do ad is an ad type that is created automatically by the system based on your provided business information and product feeds. It lets you target travelers by showing your activities, tours, attractions, and so on. Learn more about Things to do ads

With Google Ads API and Google Ads, you can perform many of the tasks, such as creating, updating, or deleting:

  • Campaigns
  • Campaign bidding strategies
  • Campaign budgets
  • Ad groups
  • Listing groups

However, the following tasks can't yet be done with the Google Ads API and can only be completed in Things to do Center:

  • Create, update, delete product feeds
  • Create, update, delete pricing information

Consult Google Things to do for the periodic maintenance tasks that you need to perform on your product data.


This guide describes the steps necessary to create campaigns, ad groups, and ads with the Google Ads API:

  1. Create campaign
  2. Create ad group
  3. Create ad group ad
  4. Create listing groups
  5. Reporting