Automated assets

The Google Ads API supports automated assets managed directly by Google Ads, with the scope of the API limited to pausing or removing individual assets and retrieving stats. You opt in or out of automated assets through the Google Ads web interface.

Creation and update

Once an account is opted in to this feature, Google Ads creates automated assets as follows:

  1. Assets are created.
  2. CampaignAsset, AdGroupAsset, or CustomerAsset objects are created to associate the asset with campaign, ad group, or customer resources, respectively.

You cannot create or update automated assets using the Google Ads API, nor can you create CampaignAsset, AdGroupAsset, or CustomerAsset for the automated assets using the Google Ads API.

You can pause or remove CampaignAsset, AdGroupAsset, or CustomerAsset entities that associate the automated asset with the corresponding resource.

Pause or remove the association

Pausing the association disables the asset from serving against the corresponding entity temporarily. Once you pause the association, Google Ads won't automatically re-enable or serve the corresponding asset against that resource until it is re-enabled through the web interface or API. To disable the association between asset and resource permanently, remove the association.

Google Ads enforces a limit on the number of automated assets of a given type that can be associated with a given entity, for example, the number of automated sitelinks per campaign. A paused association counts against this limit, whereas a removed association doesn't. Automated assets don't count towards the limits for manually added assets.

Retrieve automated assets

You can retrieve automated assets data by filtering for AssetSource = AUTOMATICALLY_CREATED. For assets that can link to ads, check its source. Refer to AssetType for a list of asset types that can be linked to ads.

Here is a sample query for assets in an ad:

FROM ad_group_ad_asset_view

For other types of assets, query the Asset resource directly:

FROM asset


Asset performance statistics can be requested from the asset_field_type_view report. This report includes the aggregated stats for both automated and manually added assets.

Performance stats for individual assets can be retrieved from the campaign_asset, customer_asset, and ad_group_asset reports.

If you've enabled the automated assets feature in your account, the historical stats for automated assets could also be available through the feed_placeholder_view report.