For a given media plan, ReachPlanService generates forecasts of how much it would cost to reach your desired audience. Media plans are composed of demographic targeting, campaign duration, device types, and a set of budgets allocated to various ad formats. The forecast is a curve of reach and impression levels at increasing budgets. Subsequent pages in this guide describe how to:

Glossary of terms

This guide assumes familiarity with Google Ads, media planning and reach curves. The below list explains certain terms in more detail.

Term Definition
Frequency Cap Setting Limits the number of times that the YouTube ad is served to the same cookie-identified user during a specified time interval. The frequency output can sometimes be higher than the frequency cap due to cross-device and cookie latency.
Effective Frequency The minimum number of times that a user is exposed to a YouTube ad.
Effective CPM The CPM for on-target impressions.
YouTube Audience Size The total commercially-reachable size of an audience on YouTube for your plan's given country, age range, and gender.
Census Audience Size The census size of an audience for your plan's given country, age range, and gender.