Troubleshoot Enhanced Conversions for Leads

Use this guide to help you troubleshoot issues in your enhanced conversions for leads integration.

Fix discrepancies in my uploads

There could be a number of reasons why your enhanced conversions for leads uploads are not processing successfully or are not appearing in the Google Ads UI as expected. Visit the Help Center for guidance around common setup issues that might lead to reporting discrepancies or uploaded conversions not appearing in the Google Ads UI.

Debug common errors

ConversionUploadError.INVALID_CONVERSION_ACTION_TYPE The specified conversion action has a type that is not valid for enhanced conversions for leads. Make sure the ConversionAction specified in your upload request has type UPLOAD_CLICKS.
ConversionUploadError.NO_CONVERSION_ACTION_FOUND The specified conversion action is either not enabled or cannot be found within the uploading customer. Make sure the conversion action in your upload is enabled and is owned by the customer sending the upload request.
ConversionUploadError.CLICK_CONVERSION_ALREADY_EXISTS There is already a click conversion with the specified click ID and conversion_date_time. Make sure the conversion_date_time is unique or the click conversion specifies a unique order_id.
ConversionUploadError.CUSTOMER_NOT_ENABLED_ENHANCED_CONVERSIONS_FOR_LEADS Make sure you've turned on enhanced conversions for leads in your conversion settings. Find instructions for this in the prerequisites guide.
ConversionUploadError.DUPLICATE_ORDER_ID Make sure order IDs are unique across your uploaded conversions.
ConversionUploadError.CLICK_NOT_FOUND No click was found that matched the provided user identifiers. The Google Ads API only returns this error if debug_enabled is true on the UploadClickConversionsRequest.

Starting in v15, if a conversion encounters this warning, the Google Ads API includes it in the successful_event_count of your offline data diagnostics. On versions prior to v15, the successful_event_count excludes conversions with this warning. The Google Ads API includes an entry for CLICK_NOT_FOUND in the alerts collection in all available versions of the API so you can monitor the frequency of this warning.

This error is expected if the click is not from a Google Ads campaign. Other possible causes are as follows:

In rare instances where the uploading customer is different from the Google Ads conversion customer, this error can mean that the uploading customer has accepted the customer data terms, but the serving customer has not.

Additional troubleshooting support

If you have an issue that is not covered here, reach out through the Google Ads API technical support form and be sure to include Google Ads API request and response logs, plus any troubleshooting steps you've already attempted.