Restrictions & Common Errors


Common Errors

Error Description
CampaignBudgetError.CANNOT_UPDATE_CAMPAIGN_BUDGET_TO_IMPLICITLY_SHARED Indicates that you tried to set the explicitly_shared field of a budget from true to false in an update operation. Once a budget is explicitly shared (explicitly_shared = true), you cannot change explicitly_shared back to false.
ResourceCountLimitExceededError.ACCOUNT_LIMIT Indicates you've reached the maximum number of budgets in an account.
CampaignError.CAMPAIGN_CANNOT_USE_SHARED_BUDGET The campaign to which you're trying to add the budget is using campaign experiments, and the budget is already being used by another campaign.
CampaignBudgetError.CAMPAIGN_BUDGET_IN_USE You're trying to remove a budget associated with one or more active or paused campaigns.