Custom Conversion Variables

Custom conversion variables let you associate additional information, in the form of tags, to a conversion that you upload using the Google Ads API, such as click or call conversions.

For example, when uploading a conversion for the purchase of a new blue hat, you could also upload two associated tags: color and status with the values blue and new, respectively. Here are the steps:

  1. Create as many custom conversion variables as you need. Each variable corresponds to one tag. Therefore, if you want two tags (color and status), you need to create two custom variables. The required fields for ConversionCustomVariable are as follows:

    • name: Identifies the variable. The name must be unique.
    • tag: For our example, the tags are color and status. Tags are used in the event snippet when a conversion is sent to Google Ads by your website. If you use the Google Ads API, you would need to specify the resource name of the custom variables when uploading conversions, as detailed in the next step.
  2. When uploading a conversion, such as ClickConversion, set custom_variables to the list of all custom variables you created in the previous step. You need to set all the fields of each custom variable:

    • conversion_custom_variable: The resource name of the custom variable you created in the previous step.
    • value: The value for the tag you want to associate with the conversion. For our example: blue and new.