App Campaigns

App campaigns allow you to promote your app based on a specific area of focus. The campaign creation workflow differs slightly from other campaign types, and consists of the following high-level steps:

  1. Create a campaign, specifying your app information and the campaign's advertising channel sub-type, goal type, budget, and bidding strategy. You can also add targeting criteria such as languages or locations.
  2. Create an ad group. If the goal of the campaign is to drive in-app actions or in-app action value, you can also add ad group criteria for user lists.
  3. Create ads using the asset-based ad type that corresponds to your campaign's advertising channel sub-type.

Google Ads will automate targeting and bidding according to the specified goal and show ads based on the assets you provided.


App Campaign Legacy (installs) are not supported in the Google Ads API but are supported in the UI. This applies to both geographic and non-geographic reporting as well.