DrivingSide Whether this step is on a drive-on-right or drive-on-left route. 
LaneDirection.LaneShape A set of values that specify the shape of the road path continuing from the Lane. 
Maneuver A set of values that specify the navigation action to take. 
NavState The state of navigation. 


Lane Single lane on the road at the end of a route step. 
Lane.Builder A builder of Lane
LaneDirection One of the possible directions from a lane at the end of a route step, and whether it is on the recommended route. 
LaneDirection.Builder A builder of LaneDirection
NavInfo Contains information about the state of navigation, the current nav step if available, and remaining steps if available. 
NavInfo.Builder Builder for NavInfo. 
StepInfo Information about a single step along a navigation route. 
StepInfo.Builder Builder for StepInfo.