To make a Google Ads API call, you should have the following details. The rest of this tutorial teaches you how to obtain each of these items.

  • Developer token: This token lets your app connect to the Google Ads API. Each developer token is assigned an API access level which controls the number of API calls you can make per day with as well as the environment to which you can make calls. You also need a Google Ads manager account to sign up for a developer token.

  • Google API Console project: The project is used for generating an OAuth 2.0 client ID and secret for your app. The ID and secret can then be used to generate the OAuth 2.0 credentials needed in API calls to the Google Ads account. The project also enables the API to accept calls.

  • Google Ads client account: This is the account you're making API calls against. You need necessary permissions to operate on this account, such as fetching reports or making changes to campaigns.

    You also need the 10-digit account number of the account you're making API calls to. This is displayed in the Google Ads web interface in the form 123-456-7890. This account number is passed as a parameter to the Google Ads API call without the hyphens: 1234567890.

  • Support tools and client libraries: This set of tools can help you integrate with the API more quickly.