Entity relationships

This page contains relationship diagrams of Google Ads entities.

Notation legend

  1. Entity: Links to the most relevant guide (if exists).
  2. Cardinality: Written besides an entity, this denotes allowable number of instances. For example, 1..* means that one or more are allowed. However, this does not imply that there are no limits.
  3. Object/Class: Denoted by a fixed-width font, links to the latest reference page.
  4. Grouping: Entities enclosed in a box belong to the box entity. For example, Campaigns belong to Account.
  5. Relationship: A solid line between two boxes establishes a relationship. Cardinality for the relationship is noted close to each end of a line. For example, zero to many Campaigns can be associated with zero to one Portfolio Bidding Strategy.
  6. Composition: Denoted by a solid rhombus, represents a relationship where an entity is composed of some other entities. When there is a number besides the rhombus, the number denotes the allowable number of instances. For example, an AdGroupAd is composed of one Ad object.
  7. Aggregation: Denoted by a rhombus, represents a relationship where an entity can contain one of other entities. For example, an Ad can contain either ExpandedTextAdInfo or TextAdInfo objects, but not both.

Entity diagrams

Top level

CustomerUserAccess Customer Campaign CampaignBudget BiddingStrategy Portfolio bidding strategy Standard bidding strategy Standard bidding strategy CampaignCriterion AdGroup AdGroupAd AdGroupCriterion Bids AdGroupBidModifier

Campaign bidding strategy

Campaign ManualCpc ManualCpm MaximizeConversions MaximizeConversionValue TargetCpa TargetRoas TargetSpend PercentCpc BiddingStrategy EnhancedCpc PageOnePromoted TargetCpa TargetOutrankShare TargetRoas TargetSpend

Campaign criteria

CampaignCriterion KeywordInfo LocationInfo PlatformInfo

Ad group ads

AdGroupAd Ad TextAdInfo ExpandedTextAdInfo DynamicSearchAdInfo ResponsiveDisplayAdInfo CallOnlyAdInfo ExpandedDynamicSearchAdInfo HotelAdInfo


AdGroup Int64 Int64 Int64

Ad group criteria

AdGroupCriterion Int64 Int64 Int64 KeywordInfo ListingGroupInfo ListingGroupType ListingDimensionInfo ListingBrandInfo HotelIdInfo HotelClassInfo HotelCountryRegionInfo HotelStateInfo HotelCityInfo ListingCustomAttributeInfo

Ad group bid modifiers

AdGroupBidModifier HotelDateSelectionTypeInfo HotelAdvanceBookingWindowInfo HotelLengthOfStayInfo HotelCheckInDayInfo