Feeds Services

Feeds are the legacy system for managing extensions and dynamic remarketing campaigns. This use-case is now deprecated and users should move to Asset-based extensions.

There are a small number of use-cases which still require feeds:

  • Location extensions
  • Ad customizers

Location extensions

Location extensions leverage your Business Profile. When you link a Business Profile to Google Ads, your locations will automatically populate into a system-generated feed.

This feed can then be associated with campaigns so that your campaign can serve location extensions.

Ad customizers

Ad customizers still use legacy feeds. To use ad customizers, you need to:

  1. Create a feed and set up its attributes. The feed is analogous to a database table, and its feed attributes are its columns.
  2. Create some feed items to populate the feed with data. Feed items are analogous to database rows, and include attribute values for some or all of the attributes in the feed.
  3. Set up a feed mapping to tell Google Ads to interpret the Feed as ad customizer data.
  4. Create an association between your feed and other account entities to allow extensions to serve on your ads.