Create Conversion Actions

The best way to set up new conversion actions in the API is to use the Add Conversion Action code example in the Remarketing folder of your client library. The sample handles all the background authentication tasks for you, and walks you through creating a ConversionAction.

The Google Ads API will set the primary_for_goal field automatically, but you can set this field explicitly to control how a conversion action will impact reporting and bidding in your account when combined with your conversion goals.


private void runExample(GoogleAdsClient googleAdsClient, long customerId) {

  // Creates a ConversionAction.
  ConversionAction conversionAction =
          .setName("Earth to Mars Cruises Conversion #" + getPrintableDateTime())

  // Creates the operation.
  ConversionActionOperation operation =

  try (ConversionActionServiceClient conversionActionServiceClient =
      googleAdsClient.getLatestVersion().createConversionActionServiceClient()) {
    MutateConversionActionsResponse response =
            Long.toString(customerId), Collections.singletonList(operation));
    System.out.printf("Added %d conversion actions:%n", response.getResultsCount());
    for (MutateConversionActionResult result : response.getResultsList()) {
          "New conversion action added with resource name: '%s'%n", result.getResourceName());


public void Run(GoogleAdsClient client, long customerId)
    // Get the ConversionActionService.
    ConversionActionServiceClient conversionActionService =

    // Add a conversion action.
    ConversionAction conversionAction = new ConversionAction()
        Name = "Earth to Mars Cruises Conversion #" + ExampleUtilities.GetRandomString(),
        Category = ConversionActionCategory.Default,
        Type = ConversionActionType.Webpage,
        Status = ConversionActionStatus.Enabled,
        ViewThroughLookbackWindowDays = 15,
        ValueSettings = new ConversionAction.Types.ValueSettings()
            DefaultValue = 23.41,
            AlwaysUseDefaultValue = true

    // Create the operation.
    ConversionActionOperation operation = new ConversionActionOperation()
        Create = conversionAction

        // Create the conversion action.
        MutateConversionActionsResponse response =
                    new ConversionActionOperation[] { operation });

        // Display the results.
        foreach (MutateConversionActionResult newConversionAction in response.Results)
            Console.WriteLine($"New conversion action with resource name = " +
                $"'{newConversionAction.ResourceName}' was added.");
    catch (GoogleAdsException e)
        Console.WriteLine($"Message: {e.Message}");
        Console.WriteLine($"Failure: {e.Failure}");
        Console.WriteLine($"Request ID: {e.RequestId}");


public static function runExample(GoogleAdsClient $googleAdsClient, int $customerId)
    // Creates a conversion action.
    $conversionAction = new ConversionAction([
        'name' => 'Earth to Mars Cruises Conversion #' . Helper::getPrintableDatetime(),
        'category' => ConversionActionCategory::PBDEFAULT,
        'type' => ConversionActionType::WEBPAGE,
        'status' => ConversionActionStatus::ENABLED,
        'view_through_lookback_window_days' => 15,
        'value_settings' => new ValueSettings([
            'default_value' => 23.41,
            'always_use_default_value' => true

    // Creates a conversion action operation.
    $conversionActionOperation = new ConversionActionOperation();

    // Issues a mutate request to add the conversion action.
    $conversionActionServiceClient = $googleAdsClient->getConversionActionServiceClient();
    $response = $conversionActionServiceClient->mutateConversionActions(
        MutateConversionActionsRequest::build($customerId, [$conversionActionOperation])

    printf("Added %d conversion actions:%s", $response->getResults()->count(), PHP_EOL);

    foreach ($response->getResults() as $addedConversionAction) {
        /** @var ConversionAction $addedConversionAction */
            "New conversion action added with resource name: '%s'%s",


def main(client, customer_id):
    conversion_action_service = client.get_service("ConversionActionService")

    # Create the operation.
    conversion_action_operation = client.get_type("ConversionActionOperation")

    # Create conversion action.
    conversion_action = conversion_action_operation.create = f"Earth to Mars Cruises Conversion {uuid.uuid4()}"
    conversion_action.type_ = (
    conversion_action.category = (
    conversion_action.status = client.enums.ConversionActionStatusEnum.ENABLED
    conversion_action.view_through_lookback_window_days = 15

    # Create a value settings object.
    value_settings = conversion_action.value_settings
    value_settings.default_value = 15.0
    value_settings.always_use_default_value = True

    # Add the conversion action.
    conversion_action_response = conversion_action_service.mutate_conversion_actions(
        customer_id=customer_id, operations=[conversion_action_operation],

        "Created conversion action "


def add_conversion_action(customer_id)
  # GoogleAdsClient will read a config file from
  # ENV['HOME']/google_ads_config.rb when called without parameters
  client =

  # Add a conversion action.
  conversion_action = client.resource.conversion_action do |ca| = "Earth to Mars Cruises Conversion #{( * 100).to_i}"
    ca.type = :UPLOAD_CLICKS
    ca.category = :DEFAULT
    ca.status = :ENABLED
    ca.view_through_lookback_window_days = 15

    # Create a value settings object.
    ca.value_settings = client.resource.value_settings do |vs|
      vs.default_value = 15
      vs.always_use_default_value = true

  # Create the operation.
  conversion_action_operation = client.operation.create_resource.conversion_action(conversion_action)

  # Add the ad group ad.
  response = client.service.conversion_action.mutate_conversion_actions(
    customer_id: customer_id,
    operations: [conversion_action_operation],

  puts "New conversion action with resource name = #{response.results.first.resource_name}."


sub add_conversion_action {
  my ($api_client, $customer_id) = @_;

  # Create a conversion action.
  my $conversion_action =
      name     => "Earth to Mars Cruises Conversion #" . uniqid(),
      category => DEFAULT,
      type     => WEBPAGE,
      status   => ENABLED,
      viewThroughLookbackWindowDays => 15,
      valueSettings                 =>
          defaultValue          => 23.41,
          alwaysUseDefaultValue => "true"

  # Create a conversion action operation.
  my $conversion_action_operation =
    ->new({create => $conversion_action});

  # Add the conversion action.
  my $conversion_actions_response =
      customerId => $customer_id,
      operations => [$conversion_action_operation]});

  printf "New conversion action added with resource name: '%s'.\n",

  return 1;


Google Ads and the Google Ads API support a wide variety of conversion actions, so some validation rules vary based on the type of action. Below is a list of some rules to be mindful of when creating a ConversionAction.

All enum fields
Attempting to set any enum field to UNKNOWN results in a RequestError.INVALID_ENUM_VALUE error.
The app_id attribute is immutable and can only be set when creating a new app conversion.

Setting this attribute to a value outside of the allowed range results in a RangeError.TOO_LOW or RangeError.TOO_HIGH error.

This attribute must be in the range [1,60] for an AD_CALL or WEBSITE_CALL conversion action. For most other conversion actions, the allowed range is [1,30].


Setting this value in a create or update operation will fail after August 22, 2022 with a FieldError.IMMUTABLE_FIELD error. Instead, set primary_for_goal as described in the Conversion goals guide.


Attempting to set this attribute on a conversion action that is not for calls results in a FieldError.VALUE_MUST_BE_UNSET error.


The type attribute is immutable and can only be set when creating a new conversion.

Updating a conversion action with type equal to UNKNOWN results in a MutateError.MUTATE_NOT_ALLOWED error.


The value_settings for a WEBSITE_CALL or AD_CALL conversion action must have always_use_default_value set to true. Specifying a value of false when creating or updating this value results in an INVALID_VALUE error.


Setting this attribute to a value outside of the allowed range results in a RangeError.TOO_LOW or RangeError.TOO_HIGH error. For most conversion actions, the allowed range is [1,30].

This attribute cannot be set on AD_CALL or WEBSITE_CALL conversion actions. Specifying a value results in a VALUE_MUST_BE_UNSET error.