Creating Responsive Display Ads

As with other ads, ad creation is accomplished using AdGroupAdService.MutateAdGroupAds. You can then add the responsive display ad to standard Display campaigns.

Ad creation

To create a responsive display ad, you need to populate the following required fields of ResponsiveDisplayAdInfo:

  • marketing_images
  • square_marketing_images
  • headlines
  • long_headline
  • descriptions
  • business name

All other fields and images' specifications can be found in the reference page and the Help Center article.

Advanced features

Color controls
You can customize colors for your responsive display ads to fit your branding needs by specifying main_color and accent_color. Set allow_flexible_color to true when you want to let ads serve with different colors than what you've specified, when necessary.
Display ad format setting

Responsive display ads can run as both native and non-native formats. The difference between the two formats is that native format rendering is controlled by publishers, whereas non-native format rendering is optimized by Google models, with advertisers' inputs—for example, color information from main_color and accent_color.

You can set the format_setting field to select the format that the ads should run as. However, you cannot set the format_setting to NATIVE when allow_flexible_color is false, as the coloring needs to be controlled by publishers in the case of native formats.

Ad controls

Responsive display ads can tell you if they've been opted in to generated videos or asset enhancements through their control_spec.