REST Resource: properties.recurringAudienceLists

Resource: RecurringAudienceList

A recurring audience list produces new audience lists each day. Audience lists are users in an audience at the time of the list's creation. A recurring audience list ensures that you have audience list based on the most recent data available for use each day.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "audience": string,
  "audienceDisplayName": string,
  "dimensions": [
      object (AudienceDimension)
  "audienceLists": [
  "activeDaysRemaining": integer,
  "webhookNotification": {
    object (WebhookNotification)


Output only. Identifier. The recurring audience list resource name assigned during creation. This resource name identifies this RecurringAudienceList.

Format: properties/{property}/recurringAudienceLists/{recurringAudienceList}



Required. The audience resource name. This resource name identifies the audience being listed and is shared between the Analytics Data & Admin APIs.

Format: properties/{property}/audiences/{audience}



Output only. The descriptive display name for this audience. For example, "Purchasers".


object (AudienceDimension)

Required. The dimensions requested and displayed in the audience list response.



Output only. Audience list resource names for audience list instances created for this recurring audience list. One audience list is created for each day, and the audience list will be listed here.

This list is ordered with the most recently created audience list first.



Optional. The number of remaining days that a recurring audience export will produce an audience list instance. This counter decreases by one each day, and when it reaches zero, no new audience lists will be created.

Recurring audience list request for Analytics 360 properties default to 180 days and have a maximum of 365 days. Requests for standard Analytics properties default to 14 days and have a maximum of 30 days.

The minimum value allowed during creation is 1. Requests above their respective maximum will be coerced to their maximum.


object (WebhookNotification)

Optional. Configures webhook notifications to be sent from the Google Analytics Data API to your webhook server. Use of webhooks is optional. If unused, you'll need to poll this API to determine when a recurring audience list creates new audience lists. Webhooks allow a notification to be sent to your servers & avoid the need for polling.

Two POST requests will be sent each time a recurring audience list creates an audience list. This happens once per day until a recurring audience list reaches 0 active days remaining. The first request will be sent showing a newly created audience list in its CREATING state. The second request will be sent after the audience list completes creation (either the ACTIVE or FAILED state).



Creates a recurring audience list.


Gets configuration metadata about a specific recurring audience list.


Lists all recurring audience lists for a property.