Property ID

The Google Analytics Data API v1 produces reports for Google Analytics 4 properties. API requests are required to specify a numeric Google Analytics 4 property identifier. The documentation and sample code of the Data API refer to this Id as GA4_PROPERTY_ID.


All Data API methods require the Google Analytics 4 property identifier to be specified inside a URL request path in the form of properties/GA4_PROPERTY_ID, such as:


If you are using one of the Data API client libraries, there is no need to manipulate the request URL path manually. Most API clients provide a property parameter that expects a string in the form of properties/GA4_PROPERTY_ID. See Quick start guide for examples of using the client libraries.

What is my property Id?

You can use the Data API if you have configured analytics reports in either of the following products:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has multiple types of Properties. To use the Data API, a property must be a Google Analytics 4 property, as opposed to Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics is an older version of Google Analytics and is not supported by the Data API.

To determine a Google Analytics 4 property Id:

  1. Visit Google Analytics at
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select the Property.
  4. Select Property Settings.

If the Property Settings shows a numeric "PROPERTY ID" such as "123...", this is the numeric Id of your Google Analytics 4 property.


If you have linked Google Analytics to Firebase, you will see analytics data for your project in Firebase. To learn more about linking, see Link Google Analytics to Firebase.

To determine the GA4 property for a Firebase project:

  1. Visit the Firebase console at
  2. Select your project.
  3. Select Project settings.
  4. Select Integrations.
  5. Select your Google Analytics Integration.

The Google Analytics Integration page will show a numeric "Property ID" such as "123...". This is the numeric Id of your Google Analytics 4 property.


If you have enabled user metrics and linked your apps to Firebase in AdMob, you will see user metrics in AdMob for your app.

To determine the Google Analytics 4 property for an AdMob app:

  1. Visit AdMob at
  2. Select your app.
  3. Select App Overview.
  5. Follow the above Firebase instructions starting with "Select Project settings."