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Resource representations

  "kind": "analytics#userDeletionRequest",
  "id": {
    "type": string,
    "userId": string
  "webPropertyId": string,
  "firebaseProjectId": string,
  "propertyId": string,
  "deletionRequestTime": datetime
Property name Value Description Notes
deletionRequestTime datetime This marks the point in time at which the deletion request was received by Google Analytics.
firebaseProjectId string Firebase Project Id (deprecated in favor of propertyId field)
id object User ID.
id.type string Type of user. One of APP_INSTANCE_ID, CLIENT_ID or USER_ID.
id.userId string The User's id.
kind string Value is "analytics#userDeletionRequest".
propertyId string Property ID of a GA4 Property, or Internal Web Property ID.
webPropertyId string Web property ID of the form UA-XXXXX-YY.


Insert or update a user deletion request.